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Bakery Boxes

Custom Bakery Boxes

Specialized for bakery items

If you run your own bakery or baked-goods factory, you will be well aware of the fact that packaging is a crucial seller for your product. If you have put the best ingredients in your product but you have failed terribly in the marketing and packaging department, your customer will not want to notice your product and therefore you will not get the sales that you deserve. Ordering your Bakery Packaging a tricky thing to do if you haven’t done it before or are unsure of what factors will make your product ‘stand out’.

Some of the few pointers you need to watch out while designing and ordering your bakery packaging are as follows:

  • Durable Material. This depends on what type of product you are selling. You can even order different types of packaging for different products.
  • Good Designs. A good design can make all the difference in the world between your product and someone else’s. You do not need to make the design too flashy or frilly and you don’t even need to order overly fancy and glossed over boxes and packets to get your product noticed. When it comes to Bakery Packaging, simplicity is the key word.
  • Order according to your product. If you run a bakery, order packaging that will complement your baked goods. If you like a particular box for any reason but it is not according to your product, which will be a packaging failure. If a box complements a mobile phone or an ornamental decoration piece, it will definitely look pleasing to the eye but will it necessarily work for your baked goods as well? The answer is most definitely, No.
  • Customization. If you are ordering your own Bakery Packaging, make sure that you choose a company that caters to customization and simply does not stamp your name on a box that hundreds of others have used.
  • Go for Variety and Quick-Assembly. If you are ordering boxes, they will most likely be ‘open’ when they arrive so always pre-determine whether the boxes will be assembled in a few moments so that even in the busiest rush hours, you are not left up tidying laces and tying ribbons.
Feature of bakery boxes
  • Best Packaging Boxes for Pastry, Pancake and other baked items
  • Size and shapes will be according to your specifications
  • Single or Full Color Printing Process
  • CMYK / PMS Color Scheme
  • Choose Matte or Glossy laminations
  • Cheap Rates
  • Free Shipping & Handling
  • Free Graphic Designing Services
  • No set-up & extra charges
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Custom Bakery Boxes
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