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Are you organizing a vote at your town meeting, in your office, or at some event within your family? Or have you planned a give-away and thinking to take all the entries in a ballet box? Then Ivory Print is here for you! Now if someone is filling your ears with information that you need to spend some hefty amount on the ballet boxes then maybe you need to turn your ears towards us because we offer you very affordable cardboard based ballot boxes. Why should you go for cardboard based ballot boxes? Because:

  • They are very affordable
  • They are easy to transport and carry around
  • You have a lot of room for customization

Since we mentioned the word customization, then let us add more to this and tell you that we offer 100% customization options to our customers. While in the present age you may have a lot of options to collect discrete information, the ballot box way still remain a favorite and ideal choice.

You can get plain ballot boxes of any design and shape and decorate it according to the event or we can do it for you too! Our corrugated material is sturdy enough to stay with you for a long time, so once you have your ballot boxes, keep in mind that it will see a lot of events with you.

Ballot boxes have always been the perfect way of taking views from people without disclosing their identity and we don't see this trend getting out of fashion because even till today ballot boxes are used for voting purposes all around the world. It's simple, secure, and it appreciates your privacy. What a dear little box! Ballot boxes are very useful and they can serve as a final touch in many events, whether they are professional or casual. Kids love these boxes so think of incorporating one in the next birthday party and see how much fun they will have. Place your order with us and we will present you with the finest ballot boxes you can find. A promise from our end!

Feature of Ballot Boxes
  • Specialized for Suggestion and polling purposes
  • Different styles and shapes are available
  • Custom sizes
  • Full color printing process
  • CMYK / PMS
  • Matte or Gloss finishing
  • Low-cost Prices
  • Free Shipping & Graphic Designing Services
  • No die-up or die charges
  • Home Delivery
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • 06-Day Delivery Time
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