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Cigar & Cigarette Packaging

Custom Cigarette Packaging

Custom made boxes for cigarette packaging

Where we hear a lot about the dangers of smoking, it still remains one of the biggest industries all across the word! You cannot remove this from the world and we know how people who smoke regularly feel about their cigs! It's precious to them and your feelings and concerns are precious for us! We at Ivory Print specialize in cigarette packaging. Though the function of the pack is to keep the cigs protected but we know that a dandy cigarette packaging does not bite anyone. Think, you’re taking out your packet and everyone takes a glance and wonders what is that you are holding! Our packaging is fully customizable, you tell us what you want and leave the rest on us!

We offer different choice for the material:

  • Cardboard Stock
  • Kraft Stock
  • Heavy Cardboard
  • Corrugated Stock

We speak the language of customization!

Yes, this is one thing which we extremely proud of! We don’t push or enforce our designs and choices to our customers and take heavy sums from them, with us it’s all up to you! We want to make our customers satisfied and happy in the end and that is why we give their input such importance. Cigarettes when not packed properly can lose their taste or even break due to the delicacy of materials used, our rigid materials will ensure your puffs remain concealed from the external factors which could damage and ruin the taste.

Where the basic purpose of packaging is protection, we also know the importance it holds in grabbing potential customers. The color, material used, design, and graphics all play a crucial role in deciding whether your packet of cigarette will be picked by the customer or not. People associates the taste with these factors so don’t think your best quality tobacco can do wonders in a plain pack! Help us increase your customers by using cigarette packaging that is bound to pull the smokers. We know how to make packaging attractable to people, it’s in our blood! Don’t wait more and place an order to see if we’re wrong!

Feature of Cigarette Boxes
  • Enhance your business
  • Promote your Brand
  • Best Packaging for Cigar and Cigarettes
  • Single, Two and Full Color Printing Process
  • Different Styles and shapes
  • Standard and Custom Sizes are available
  • Free Graphic Designing
  • Free Shipping
  • Cheapest Rates
  • Environmental Friendly
  • 08-Day Delivery Time
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