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Custom Corrugated Boxes

Description of Corrugated Boxes

What are corrugated boxes?
Cardboard boxes are mainly used as packaging aid, but when it comes to shipping and transportation, corrugated boxes are always preferred. Corrugated boxes are much more safe and durable as compared to simple cardboard boxes, especially for carrying fragile goods. From pizza to appliances, almost everything is packed in corrugated boxes.

How are they made?
Corrugated paperboard is used for making the corrugated boxes. The sides of corrugated boxes are designed in a way that air columns are present in between in a very appropriate arrangement. The columns are meant to improve the durability and strength whereas the air acts as a cushion. This results in light weight, yet safety and durability for shipping purposes. The corrugated boxes can comprise of 1-3 layers of these air columns depending on the quality. Initially the paperboard is in form of continuous corrugated board which is then flattened and converted into corrugated boxes by high-tech automatic machinery. The specific patterns are given by the die-cut machines and an appropriate shape is given to the corrugated board so that a person can easily fold it into a box.

Characteristics of Corrugated boxes:
Corrugated boxes have become an essential element of the packaging and shipping needs due to their following characteristics:

  1. Light weight
  2. Cost effective
  3. Strength
  4. Durability
  5. Recyclable
  6. Adaptable
Due to these fine characteristics, the corrugated boxes can also be effectively used for packaging and handling of fragile and heavy goods as well. The forces generated upon falling or hitting against something, are equally distributed all over to avoid any damage to the goods inside. Thus any such damage is effectively avoided by the absorption property of the corrugated boxes.

Uses of Corrugated boxes:
The corrugated boxes can be used in a lot of ways that include:

  • Packaging: They can be used for packing eatables, equipment, appliances and almost anything that needs to be kept safe and sound. From pizzas to refrigerators, everything can be packed in corrugated boxes as they are excessively strong and durable.
  • Shipping: As far as shipping of goods is concerned, the corrugated boxes are the best tool. No matter how fragile the goods are, they can easily be put into corrugated box packaging and shipped over to any destination without worrying about anything because corrugated boxes are known for their strength, light weight and durability. Anything packed in corrugated boxes is safe.
  • Recycling and other uses: If the corrugated boxes have been used and are now not effective enough to be used for packaging or shipping purposes, you can definitely use them for fitting purposes. They can be place in holes and spaces to tighten the fittings or can be used as recyclable carriers. Most people prefer using them as garbage carrying tools as well. Corrugated boxes have endless uses.

Feature of Corrugated Boxes
  • Durable and heavy Duty
  • Made of thick material suitable box for heavy weight products
  • Different types of material can be used
  • Custom Sizes
  • Full color printing services
  • CMYK / PMS
  • Choose your own artwork
  • Matte & Glossy Laminations are available
  • No set-up and extra fees
  • Free Shipping to your doorstep
  • Free Graphic Designing Services
  • 08-Day Delivery Time
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Custom Corrugated Boxes
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