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Custom Flap Boxes

We provide flap boxes according to your requirements

Flap boxes are the oldest and most conventional way of packing. Over 90% of consumer goods and 75% of other goods are sold in flap boxes. This is because flap boxes are very safe to store goods in. A well-made flap box can hold heavy objects and withstand rough handling meaning it is ideal to store and transport goods in. Using some packing foam or bubble wrap, one can preserve fragile items in flap boxes and even prepare them for shipping. There are many types of flap boxes that one can use to enhance their products’ attraction as well as economize on your cost of expensive packaging for convenience and durability.

While choosing flap boxes that are best for you, there are a few tips to keep in mind such as:

  • Choose a durable or recyclable material for your flap boxes. Recyclable materials are eco-friendly and cost much less than other materials.
  • Choose a material according to your item. If you are selling a food item, always choose a material that is FDA approved and safe for handling food. If you are selling utilities, you can choose practically any type of durable material.
  • Get a box that suits your requirements. Always try to order your flap boxes according to your products specifications.
  • Choose a box that displays your product. This can be done in two ways. You can either choose a window flap box which has a plastic ‘see-through window’ on one side to see the product or you can incorporate an image of your product on the box, in print.
  • Choose a design that compliments your product. For example, if you sell products for females or little girls, you should choose a box with a feminine design with a feminine or soft color.
  • Select a font that is unique to your product and feels like it belongs with your product. For a tool, choose a box-print or plain type. For a luxury or food item, use cursive fonts.
  • Have fun with your design. Get a raised or 3-D print or a separate raised flap so your product looks attractive even on the shelf and attracts customers.
Feature of Flap Boxes
  • Ability to showcase your product with special printed flap
  • Customized flap boxes
  • Custom sizes and unique designs
  • Choose your own artwork
  • Best affordable Price
  • Full Color Printing
  • Excellent printing result
  • Online Payment Solution
  • Delivery within 8 Business Days
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Custom Flap Boxes
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