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Gable Boxes for business & personal use

Custom Gable Boxes

Wide range of Gable Boxes

Gable Boxes are boxes that are used as containers for many types of products. These boxes are used by businesses and private individuals alike. Gable boxes are used to give the product a unique appeal. These are used for various occasions such as special sales or offers by companies and as party favors or gift boxes, etc. by individuals. Gable Boxes are custom-made to your requirements in practically any form you want. Ordering gable boxes can be tricky so there are a few points you need to remember while ordering a box of your own:

  • What do you plan to use this box for? A gable box can fulfill a number of requirements but what matters is what you plan to use it for. This can be anything ranging from giving away free samples of your product to using it as a ‘gift packaging’. Whatever the use, determine it before ordering the box itself.
  • Build the box accordingly. Gable Boxes come in many different ranges and are made of different types of materials such as recycled paper, glossy cardboard or even plastic. Choose the material according to the strength of the box you need.
  • It’s a design job. There is only one reason that gable boxes stand out to your customer and that reason is design. This design includes the cut and shape of the box and the color and print as well. If you are unsure as to how to decorate your box, you can always affix a pretty bow or ribbon to the simple box with a description of your product (or the event you are celebrating in case of an individual) and be done with it. Remember it is you who knows your product best and therefore you alone know how best to sell it.
  • Go for an opinion. It is true that sometimes simplicity is best but makes your box ‘pop’ with a bit of help from an artist. Usually your manufacturer will have a catalogue or designer to help you determine as to what type of design will be best suited to your needs.
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Custom Gable Boxes
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