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Deciding the right type of packaging for your medicines can be a bane for any medics’ manufacturer’s existence. When it comes to the drugstore, you can never even think about a compromise because even the slightest bit of neglect in your medicines packaging can put both your reputation and someone’s life in jeopardy. The purpose of good and secure medicines packaging is to protect the drugs from tampering and contamination, to protect microbial growth and to make the medicines ready for a reasonable shelf-life in pharmacies. Always keep these points in mind whilst ordering medicines packaging:

  • There are many types of medicines packaging. It is up to you and your experts to determine which type of packaging is suited best to your particular product(s). These types range from film-tabs to glass bottles.
  • Choose the material of your medicines packaging carefully. Always choose a material that is FDA approved and of the highest quality. Also choose a material that can withstand slightly high and low temperatures well. Any sort of material that gets damaged easily should not be chosen because it can affect your medicines and spoil them or affect their taste and effect adversely.
  • Choose strong materials that aren’t easily dissolved or broken as medicines can harm little kids so it’s best to choose a strong material that isn’t easily breakable by little hands.
  • Choose a ‘seal’ for your medicines packaging. Putting a seal on your medicines helps your consumers to realize which medicine is authentic and which is fake. It also helps people be aware of if the medicine has been tempered in any way. Choose a plastic seal that cannot be reused. This way, if the seal has been broken once, the medicine will be considered tampered and the consumer will know not to buy or take it. There are a variety of ‘seals’ available for all types of medicine packaging be it film-tabs or bottles so you can always make sure your medicine is protected.
  • Always make important details prominent on your medicine packaging. Choose a simple and clutter-free design for your medicine packaging so you can display clearly the ingredients, warnings, expiries and other details clearly and prominently.
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