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Custom Printed Rigid Boxes With Your Logo

Luxury Rigid Boxes

Are you prepared to heighten your premium packaging? Let us help! Our rigid packaging boxes will ensure your products get sent out with elegance. No matter the event, you can be sure these luxury boxes will be striking and dependable.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the box options out there? Head to and check out our fantastic array of rigid containers! Don't wait any longer: look at our offer and find the perfect box for you today!

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Rigid Boxes Specifications

Size & Style Custom Shape & Sizes
Stock Rigid Stock
Printing Up to Full-Color Printing + PMS
Finishes Matte/Gloss
Special Effects Spot UV, Foil Stamping
Ships Assembled
Production 4 Business Days

Custom Rigid Boxes

There is a multitude of options available for box packaging like corrugated boxes, Kraft boxes, cardboard boxes, etc., each with their advantages. Amongst these, one of the types is Rigid Box packaging. Rigid boxes are also sometimes known as setup boxes, and they are considered to be the luxury type of packaging boxes. As the name suggests, not only are they firm compared to other types of packaging, they are almost four to five times stronger than average cardboard box packaging.


These heavy-duty, resistant, and lasting Luxury rigid boxes are the safest to pack and transport any product. They have a very sturdy build, making them approximately four times stronger than a standard carton box. They have a definite and resilient form, which makes them ideal for packing fragile items too, as they would not bend or fold or damage the product inside, even under a lot of weight or pressure. Hence they are very durable and an excellent investment for the safety of your brand's product.

Classy Touch

Luxury rigid boxes are not only superior due to their strength, but they also immediately uplift the product's image and standard since they are very exclusive and high class. The unmatched classy look directly appeals to the aesthetic sense of customers, and they are drawn to that product. On top of that, the boxes are also customized to provide a complete chic look. You can customize the box with any color, design, size, and finish. That will set its looks entirely apart from any other casual box packaging.

Elegance and Smooth Finish

These boxes already have a very luxurious and captivating look that makes it quite elegant. They have unique and stiff, sharp edges along with a smooth finishing, which makes them steal the limelight. Even with minimal customization and designing, they can make a statement and have a powerful effect. It makes the consumer have a very satisfying feeling like they are receiving much more than what they have paid for.

Ivory Print is an in-house production company that can provide its clients with the best possible printing boxes and other materials. They also produce Superior Quality Luxury rigid boxes, at a very affordable rate. You can order matte or glossy boxes in any shape and size, with spot UV and Foil stamping effects. With an expert team available to give you the best experience of packaging materials, we also provide free shipping and unrivaled quality. Ivory Print has a multitude of options available for all kinds of custom printing and packaging. You can leave all the hassle to us, and our team will work on your demands with the utmost zeal, dedication, and loyalty for an unmatched experience.