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Choosing a packaging for your candles is a very ‘trying’ task for any candle manufacturer. Of course there is a much bigger variety of candle packaging available now than there was a few years ago, but people still have a hard time choosing the perfect sort of packaging for their candles. The key to the packaging, however, lies in the candle. A candle manufacturer knows just how unique one candle is from the next and that is the reason that there are an increasing number of candle packaging companies today who produce packaging which you can choose from their vast catalogue or you can even get your own designed.

There are certain points to keep in mind while ordering your candle packaging which are as follows.

  • Determine the best material. Your candle packaging will only compliment your candle if it is according to your candle. There are many types of materials out in the market from which you can manufacture your packing. Choose a packing according to your candle’s material. For example, if you are manufacturing plain wax candles, you can choose from any material from wax paper to plastic. Similarly, if you wish to make candles that contain different scents, choose a box that is made of an un-breathable material such as glass or plastic so the air doesn’t strip away your candles’ oils and fragrance.
  • Choose a box or container type suited to your candle. Remember that a candle packaging manufacturer will make a box according to your specifications so be careful in choosing the right size for your container. Opt for a see-through container for decorated candles. If you are reluctant to use a see-through container, you can even opt for a durable cardboard box with a picture of your candle printed on it. Remember to always ask for a ‘quality seal’ for every type of candle as well.
  • Go with your instinct. If you are a more eco-friendly person, you can always choose recyclable paper candle packaging which are durable, sealable and environment friendly as well.
Feature of Candle Boxes
  • Proper Packaging for Candles
  • Different types of materials can be used
  • Custom shapes and styles
  • Sizes will be according to your requirements
  • Full Color printing process (CMYK / PMS)
  • Choose your own Artwork
  • Free Graphic Designing & Free Shipping within USA & Canada
  • Direct Delivery to your doorstep
  • 06-Delivery Time
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Custom Candle Boxes
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