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Locking Mailer Boxes

Locking Mailer Boxes

Description of Locking Mailers

Locking Mailers are a good way to store and ship a lot of products. As is apparent from its name, a locking mailer is primarily used to mail products. Books, documents, photographs are the primary items that a locking mailer is used to transport or ship. However, apart from these traditional uses, many companies today are using locking mailers to store and ship items other than documents such as small tools or fragile items. Locking mailers come in many different shapes and sizes and can also be custom ordered. Here are a few tips to look over while you plan on ordering your locking mailer.

  • Sturdy and strong material. Generally, a locking mailer is made with a ‘harsh conditions’ point of view i.e. it is ideal for rough handling in the mail. You can choose from many different types of materials to make your mailers from. Choose a strong material that fulfills your requirement.
  • Cut back cost. Many companies offer locking mailers made from recyclable materials that can be used again and again and are degradable so that if you decide to throw them away, the environment will not be harmed.
  • Prints and designs. If you are not using your locking mailer to actually mail something and if you want to store documents or hand the mailer out to a customer, go for a bit of flourish. Shun the plain white design of all mailers and choose a pretty yet sober print for the box. You can also incorporate your logo on the box to give it a more professional look and feel.
  • Locking mailers can also be used to store fragile items and other utensils or tools. But this requires a bit of modification in your basic design. Include packing foam, a card board structure support or bubble wrap to support your item. You can also include a thin and inexpensive silk wrap over the structure to hide it and give it a more professional appeal. Remember that these things can be settled in your budget and you do not need to pay overly much to get the little extra attraction that will get you more clients and customers.
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