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Custom Printed Tote Bags With Your Logo

Paper Tote Bags

Paper tote bags are aesthetically crafted, stylish, durable, and recyclable bags used to carry out merchandise or any product from a store/restaurant, etc.

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Paper Tote Bags Specifications

Size & Style Custom Shape & Sizes
Stock Paper Stock
Printing Up to Full-Color Printing + PMS
Finishes Matte/Gloss
Special Effects Spot UV, Foil Stamping, Die Cut, Perforation
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Custom Paper Tote Bags

They are slightly different from paper take out bags since they have holding sleeves usually made out of fabric thread. They are also designed a bit more decoratively. They are primarily used by retail shops and thus famous for all kinds of shopping. Most stores have completely replaced plastic bags with Paper tote bags, and this is an outstanding initiative for a greener environment. These paper tote bags can also be reused later for multiple purposes around the house. These paper tote bags are also very cost-friendly and help you save money since they can be reused.


Paper tote bags can be relied upon for strength and durability and hence, are usually used to carry out groceries and other products. The bags need to be strong enough to hold these products. They can carry great products like groceries as well as smaller products like cosmetics; hence, they are trendy and used by almost every store and retail shop. They are designed to be sturdy and have a broader and reinforced bottom.

Customization and Versatility

Customizing paper tote bags makes them unique and decorative. They can be different shapes, dimensions, colors, and graphically designed to allure the purchasers. They can also be customized to have brand advertisements and essential information on it like the company logo, Company name, email ID and phone number, usage instructions, etc. This customization helps to familiarize the consumer with the brand and establish a type of trust with their company. Paper tote bags are also quite easy to print upon for customization. These bags also have different creative uses, giving it versatility. For example, they can be used at home for storage, for a beach trip, for recycling, for gardening, etc.


Using an Eco-friendly paper tote bag not only benefits the environment but the consumer and manufacturer as well. These paper tote bags are reusable and recyclable, making them cost-effective. They are also environment-friendly and do not have negative impacts on our ecosystems like plastic bags do. They can be used again and again instead o single-use plastic bags. These bags are also biodegradable, which is a huge plus point for our environment.

Here at Ivory Print, we can provide you with these best quality options for customization of your paper tote bags. We provide up to full color plus PMS printing on your choice of matte, art, or Kraft paper. You can order them in matte or glossy finishing with special effects like Spot UV, Foil stamping, etc. Ivory Print is your one-stop store for all top quality printing and packaging solutions, offering these services for all kinds of boxes, paper bags, and all other marketing materials. Without any compromise on the packaging quality, we provide free graphic designing and shipping. Contact us today for an unmatched experience with a team of dedicated and expert workers.