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Custom Printed Polyethylene Tote Bags With Your Logo

Custom Plastic (Polyethylene) Tote Bags

Plastic Tote Bags are your most durable shopping companions. They have high endurance and are a trendy choice amongst retail brands. Not only are they more decorative, but they also give a more sophisticated and grand look to the brand or company since the plastic tote bags have a more delicate finish.

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Plastic Tote Bags Specifications

Size & Style Custom Shape & Sizes
Material Polyethylene
Printing Up to Full-Color Printing
Finishes Matte/Gloss
Ships Flat
Production 8 Business Days

Custom Plastic Tote Shopping Bags

These bags provide the purchasers an easy way to carry their shopping home comfortably and safely; hence, they are the ideal carriers. They are also extremely popular and preferable. They are well received everywhere. They do not need special care like paper tote bags, which can be torn or damaged. These are used almost everywhere today, from supermarkets to fashion stores, to cosmetic shops, to bookstores, and many more. The shiny aesthetic plastic tote bag is, in itself, a branding tool of its company and manufacturers. The purchasers also get impressed when they see a plastic tote bag instead of another one.


Since plastic tote bags are attractive, durable, and preferred, they can be used over and over to carry your things, for example, used to take stuff to a picnic or a shopping trip, running errands, etc. This way, you keep using these plastic tote bags over and over, saving money. Since many shops these days charge extra for purchasing a plastic tote bag, so you can reuse your old ones and save money. Since plastic tote bags don't tear and damage easily like paper ones, they are used multiple times. Hence, you are reducing the use of non-renewable resources and overall expenditure per annum, of the whole community.


These Plastic tote bags are very durable and sturdy and, therefore, can carry more products at a time. It can be filled to the top and hold a lot of weight per bag, without fear of tears or crumbling like paper bags. You wouldn't also need double-bagging because of their strength. You keep reusing these bags, and thus their durability makes them multi-purpose safe.

Custom and Classy

Plastic tote bags always give off a very classic and sophisticated feel as well as being very useful. They have a vibrant finish, and apart from that, they are easy to customize as well. You can create a very personalized design for your plastic tote bag, make them in any shape, size, or dimension and give off a unique look to its exterior. They also carry out the purpose of marketing and advertisement, with custom logo, tagline, and brand information on them.

If you're looking for reliable experts to produce such Plastic tote bags for you, worry no further because 'Ivory Print' has got you covered. We provide superior quality packaging and printing solutions to our clients at a very affordable price. You can get your tote bags made with high quality and durable polyethylene with up to full-color printing options. Be it any custom printing and boxing solution need of yours, we would provide a team of enthusiastic and dedicated workers to give you an A1 quality end product.